What is AWS Private 5G? - AWS Private 5G

What is AWS Private 5G?

AWS Private 5G is a managed service that helps you to deploy, operate, and scale your own private mobile network at your on-premises location. Private 5G provides the pre-integrated hardware and software for mobile networks, helps automate setup, and scales capacity on demand to support additional devices as needed. You pay only for the network coverage and capacity that you need.

Private 5G concepts

The following are the key concepts for Private 5G.

  • Private 5G network – A private mobile network at your on-premises facility.

  • Private 5G site – The physical building or location where you set up your private mobile network. A site must meet the facility, networking, and power requirements for a mobile network.

  • Private 5G equipment – The physical hardware that provides access to your Private 5G network, including cables, radio units, SIM cards, and any other networking appliances owned and managed by AWS.

  • Radio units – The physical hardware, supplied by AWS, that emits RF signals for end-user equipment to connect to the Private 5G network.

  • SIM cards – The cards supplied by AWS that you insert into end-user equipment to access the Private 5G network. Also known as subscriber identity modules or subscriber identification modules.


Private 5G charges you an hourly rate based on the number of radio units that you order, with a minimum commitment of sixty days. After you meet the minimum charge, charges are based on the number of active radio units in use on your network.

For data transferred out of the AWS Region, we charge you the same rate that we charge for outbound data from Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). For more information, see Amazon EC2 On-Demand Pricing.