Managing and forwarding alerts in Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus with alert manager - Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus

Managing and forwarding alerts in Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus with alert manager

When the alerting rules that Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus runs are firing, alert manager handles the alerts that are sent. It deduplicates, groups, and routes the alerts to downstream receivers. Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus supports only Amazon Simple Notification Service as a receiver, and can route messages to Amazon SNS topics in the same account. You can also use alert manager to silence and inhibit alerts.

Alert manager provides similar functionality to Alertmanager in Prometheus.

You can use alert manager's configuration file for the following:

  • Grouping – Grouping collects similar alerts into a single notification. This is especially useful during larger outages when many systems fail at once and hundreds of alerts might fire simultaneously. For example, suppose that a network failure causes many of your nodes to fail at the same time. If these types of alerts are grouped, alert manager sends you a single notification.

    Alert grouping and the timing for the grouped notifications are configured by a routing tree in the alert manager configuration file. For more information, see <route>.

  • Inhibition – Inhibition suppresses notifications for certain alerts if certain other alerts are already firing. For example, if an alert is firing about a cluster being unreachable, you can configure alert manager to mute all other alerts concerning this cluster. This prevents notifications for hundreds or thousands of firing alerts that are unrelated to the actual issue. For more information about how to write inhibition rules, see <inhibit_rule>.

  • Silences – Silences mute alerts for a specified time, such as during a maintenance window. Incoming alerts are checked for whether they match all the equality or regular expression matchers of an active silence. If they do, no notifications are sent for that alert.

    To create a silence, you use the PutAlertManagerSilences API. For more information, see PutAlertManagerSilences.

Prometheus templating

Standalone Prometheus supports templating, using separate template files. Templates can use conditionals and format data, among other things.

In Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus, you put your templating in the same alert manager configuration file as your alert manager configuration.