Template bundles - AWS Proton

Template bundles

As an administrator, you create and register templates with AWS Proton. You use these templates to create environments and services. When you create a service, AWS Proton provisions and deploys service instances to selected environments. For more information, see AWS Proton for platform teams.

To create and register a template in AWS Proton, you upload a template bundle that contains the infrastructure as code (IaC) files that AWS Proton needs to provision and environment or service.

A template bundle contains the following:

A CloudFormation environment template bundle contains one IaC file.

A CloudFormation service template bundle contains one IaC file for service instance definitions and another optional IaC file for a pipeline definition.

Terraform environment and service template bundles can contain multiple IaC files each.

AWS Proton requires an input parameter schema file. When you use AWS CloudFormation to create your IaC files, you use Jinja syntax to reference your input parameters. AWS Proton provides parameter namespaces that you can use to reference parameters in your IaC files.

The following diagram shows an example of steps that you can take to create a template for AWS Proton.

            A diagram that describes a process of how to create a template bundle for a set of AWS Proton infrastructure resources.

Identify input parameters.

Create a schema file to define your input parameters.

Create IaC files that reference your input parameters. You can reference environment IaC file outputs as inputs for your service IaC files.

Register a template version with AWS Proton and upload your template bundle.