Exporting journal data from Amazon QLDB - Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (Amazon QLDB)

Exporting journal data from Amazon QLDB

Amazon QLDB uses an immutable transactional log, known as a journal, for data storage. The journal tracks every change to your committed data and maintains a complete and verifiable history of changes over time.

You can access the contents of the journal in your ledger for various purposes including analytics, auditing, data retention, verification, and exporting to other systems. The following topics describe how to export journal blocks from your ledger into an Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket in your AWS account. A journal export job writes your data in Amazon S3 as objects in either the text or binary representation of Amazon Ion format, or in JSON Lines text format.

In JSON Lines format, each block in an exported data object is a valid JSON object that is delimited by a newline. You can use this format to directly integrate JSON exports with analytics tools such as Amazon Athena and AWS Glue because these services can parse newline-delimited JSON automatically. For more information about the format, see JSON Lines.

For information about Amazon S3, see the Amazon Simple Storage Service User Guide.


If you specify JSON as the output format of your export job, QLDB down-converts the Ion journal data to JSON in your exported data objects. For more information, see Down-converting to JSON.