Amazon QLDB driver for Go - Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (Amazon QLDB)

Amazon QLDB driver for Go

To work with data in your ledger, you can connect to Amazon QLDB from your Go application by using an AWS-provided driver. The following sections describe how to get started with the QLDB driver for Go.

Driver resources

For more information about the functionality supported by the Go driver, see the following resources:


Before you get started with the QLDB driver for Go, you must do the following:

  1. Follow the AWS setup instructions in Accessing Amazon QLDB. This includes signing up for AWS and getting an IAM access key for development.

  2. (Optional) Install an integrated development environment (IDE) of your choice. For a list of commonly used IDEs from the Go ecosystem, see Editor plugins and IDEs on the Go website.

  3. Download and install Go version 1.14 or later from the Go downloads site.

  4. Configure your development environment for the AWS SDK for Go:

Next, you can set up a basic sample application and run short code examples—or you can install the driver in an existing Go project.

  • To install the QLDB driver and the AWS SDK for Go in an existing project, proceed to Installation.

  • To set up a project and run short code examples that demonstrate basic data transactions on a ledger, see the Quick start tutorial.


The QLDB driver for Go is open-sourced in the GitHub repository awslabs/amazon-qldb-driver-go.

To install the driver

  1. Ensure that your project is using Go modules to install project dependencies.

  2. In your project directory, enter the following go get command.

    $ go get -u

Installing the driver also installs its dependencies, including the AWS SDK for Go and Amazon Ion packages.

For short code examples of how to run basic data transactions on a ledger, see the Cookbook reference.