PartiQL commands - Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (Amazon QLDB)

PartiQL commands

PartiQL extends SQL-92 to support documents in the Amazon Ion data format. Amazon QLDB supports the following PartiQL commands.

To learn how to control access to run each PartiQL command on specific tables, see Getting started with the standard permissions mode in Amazon QLDB.

  • QLDB does not support all PartiQL commands.

  • All PartiQL statements in QLDB are subject to transaction limits, as defined in Quotas and limits in Amazon QLDB.

  • This reference provides basic syntax and usage examples of PartiQL statements that you manually run on the QLDB console or the QLDB shell. For code examples that show how to run similar statements using a supported programming language, see the tutorials in Getting started with the driver.

DDL statements (data definition language)

Data definition language (DDL) is the set of PartiQL statements that you use to manage database objects, such as tables and indexes. You use DDL to create and drop these objects.

DML statements (data manipulation language)

Data manipulation language (DML) is the set of PartiQL statements that you use to manage data in QLDB tables. You use DML statements to add, modify, or delete data in a table.

The following DML and query language statements are supported: