Unique IDs in Amazon QLDB - Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (Amazon QLDB)

Unique IDs in Amazon QLDB

This section describes the properties and usage guidelines of system-assigned unique identifiers in Amazon QLDB. It also provides some examples of QLDB unique IDs.


All QLDB-assigned IDs are universally unique identifiers (UUID). Each ID has the following properties:

  • 128-bit UUID number.

  • Represented in Base62-encoded text.

  • Fixed length alphanumeric string of 22 characters (for example: 3Qv67yjXEwB9SjmvkuG6Cp).


When using QLDB unique IDs in your application, note the following guidelines:


  • Treat the ID as a string.

Do not

  • Try to decode the string.

  • Ascribe semantic meaning to the string (such as deriving a time component).

  • Sort the strings in a semantic order.


The following attributes are some examples of unique IDs in QLDB:

  • Document ID

  • Index ID

  • Table ID

  • Strand ID

  • Transaction ID