Allowing autodiscovery of AWS resources - Amazon QuickSight

Allowing autodiscovery of AWS resources

   Applies to: Enterprise Edition and Standard Edition 
   Intended audience: System administrators 

Each AWS service that you access from Amazon QuickSight needs to allow traffic from QuickSight. Instead of opening each service console separately to add permissions, a QuickSight administrator can do this in the administration screen. Before you begin, make sure that you have addressed the following prerequisites.


    If you choose to enable autodiscovery of AWS resources for your Amazon QuickSight account, Amazon QuickSight creates an AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) role in your AWS account. This IAM role grants your account permission to identify and retrieve data from your AWS data sources.

    Because AWS limits the number of IAM roles that you can create, make sure that you have at least one free role. You need this role for Amazon QuickSight to use if you want Amazon QuickSight to autodiscover your AWS resources.

    You can have Amazon QuickSight autodiscover Amazon RDS DB instances or Amazon Redshift clusters that are associated with your AWS account. These resources must be located in the same AWS Region as your Amazon QuickSight account.

    If you choose to enable autodiscovery, choose one of the following options to make the AWS resource accessible:

    Enabling autodiscovery is the easiest way to make this data available in Amazon QuickSight. You can still manually create data connections whether or not you enable autodiscovery.