Changing a Field Data Type - Amazon QuickSight

Changing a Field Data Type

You can use the Field list pane, visual field wells, or on-visual editors to change numeric field data types within the context of an analysis. Numeric fields default to displaying as numbers, but you can choose to have them display as currency or as a percentage instead. You can't change the data types for string or date fields.

Changing a field's data type in an analysis changes it for all visuals in the analysis that use that data set. However, it doesn't change it in the data set itself.


If you are working in a pivot table visual, applying a table calculation changes the data type of the cell values in some cases. This type of change occurs if the data type doesn't make sense with the applied calculation.

For example, suppose that you apply the Rank function to a numeric field that you modified to use a currency data type. In this case, the cell values display as numbers rather than currency. Similarly, if you apply the Percent difference function instead, the cell values display as percentages rather than currency.

Change a Numeric Field's Data Type

Use the following procedure to change a field's data type.

  1. Choose one of the following options:

    • In the Field list pane, hover over the numeric field you want to change, and then choose the selector icon to the right of the field name.

    • On any visual that contains an on-visual editor associated with the numeric field you want to change, choose that on-visual editor.

    • Expand the Field wells pane, and then choose the field well associated with the numeric field you want to change.

  2. Choose Show as, and then choose Number, Currency, or Percent.