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Choosing a language in Amazon QuickSight

You can choose the language that you want to use in the Amazon QuickSight user interface. This option is set separately for each individual user. The first time a user signs in, Amazon QuickSight detects and selects a suitable language. This choice is based on the user's browser preferences and interactions with localized AWS websites.

Amazon QuickSight supports the following languages:

Languages available in the Amazon QuickSight user interface
Official name Language code Localized name
Dansk da Danish


de German


en English


es Spanish


fr French


it Italian


nl Dutch


nb Norwegian


pt Portuguese


fi Finnish


sv Swedish


ja Japanese


ko Korean

中文 (简体)

zh-CN Simplified Chinese
中文 (繁體) zh-TW Traditional Chinese

Choosing a language translates only user interface elements. It doesn't translate the following:

  • Amazon QuickSight reserved keywords

  • User input

  • Data

  • Date or number formats

  • ML Insights, suggested insights, or computations in narratives (including text)

Use the following procedure to change the language in the Amazon QuickSight interface.

  1. Choose your user name at top right.

  2. To open the language options menu, choose the > symbol near the current language.

  3. Choose the language that you want to use.