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concat concatenates two or more strings.


concat(expression1, expression2 [, expression3 ...])


concat takes two or more string expressions as arguments.


The expression must be a string. It can be the name of a field that uses the string data type, a literal value like '12 Main Street', or a call to another function that outputs a string.

Return type



The following example concatenates three string fields and adds appropriate spacing.

concat(salutation, ' ', firstName, ' ', lastName)

The following are the given field values.

salutation firstName lastName ------------------------------------------------------- Ms. Li Juan Dr. Ana Carolina Silva Mr. Nikhil Jayashankar

For these field values, the following values are returned.

Ms. Li Juan Dr. Ana Carolina Silva Mr. Nikhil Jayashankar

The following example concatenates two string literals.

concat('Hello', 'world')

The following value is returned.