Amazon QuickSight
User Guide

Customizing the Visual Legend

The visual legend helps you identify what a visual element represents by mapping its value to a color. For example, on a line chart, line color might represent store location.

To hide or display the legend, you can use the visual menu. You can also use the Format Visual pane, which provides more options. The visual legend displays to the right of the visual by default.

When you move your cursor over the legend, a handle appears that you can use to adjust the width of the legend pane by dragging it wider or narrower.

Use the following procedure to hide or display the visual title. The visual title displays by default.

  1. On the analysis page, choose the visual that you want to format.

  2. Choose the on-visual menu at the upper-right corner of the visual, and choose Display legend or Hide legend.

  3. Choose Format visual to see formatting options.

  4. On the Format Visual pane, expand the Legend section.

  5. Enable or disable Show legend and Show legend title.

  6. To customize the title of the legend, enter a new title for Legend. To revert to the default name, delete your entry.

  7. For POSITION, choose Right, Bottom, or Top to determine where on the visual the legend displays.

  8. Close the Format Visual pane by choosing the X icon in the upper-right corner of the pane.