Directory Integration with Amazon QuickSight Enterprise Edition - Amazon QuickSight

Directory Integration with Amazon QuickSight Enterprise Edition

    Applies to: Enterprise Edition 

    Intended audience: System administrators 

Amazon QuickSight Enterprise supports the following options:

  • AWS Directory Service

  • AWS Directory Service with AD Connector

  • On-premises Active Directory with SSO or AD Connector

  • SSO using AWS Single Sign-On service or another third-party federation service

If you want to use SSO with an on-premises Active Directory, you implement AWS Directory Service as a separate Active Directory with a trust relationship to the on-premises Active Directory.

If you want to avoid using a trust relationship, you can deploy a standalone domain for authentication within AWS. Then you could create users and groups in Active Directory, and map them to users and groups in Amazon QuickSight Users would authenticate using their Active Directory login credentials. To make access to Amazon QuickSight transparent to your users, you need to use SSO in this scenario.