Changing Display Settings - Amazon QuickSight

Changing Display Settings

You can make your analysis and dashboard fit better on larger or smaller screens by adjusting their display width.

To change the display settings for your view only

  1. Chose View from the menu bar at upper right.

  2. To scale the analysis or dashboard that you are viewing, select Fit to window.

    To reset the analysis or dashboard you are viewing to its usual scale, clear the check box for Fit to window.

To change the display settings for everyone

  1. Open the analysis that you want to edit.

  2. Choose Settings at left.

  3. For Scaling mode, choose one of the following options:

    • Autofit – Use a responsive layout. This type of layout automatically adjusts the width of the analysis or dashboard to fit the screen.

    • Optimized – Use a fixed width layout. Choose a setting based on the screen size in pixels.

  4. Choose Apply to save your selection.

  5. To publish this change to your dashboard, choose Share from the menu bar, and then choose Publish dashboard.