Duplicating datasets - Amazon QuickSight

Duplicating datasets

You can duplicate an existing dataset to save a copy of it with a new name. The new dataset is a completely separate copy.

The Duplicate dataset option is available if both of the following are true: you own the dataset and you have permission to the data source.

To duplicate a dataset
  1. From the QuickSight start page, choose Datasets at left.

  2. On the Datasets page, choose the dataset that you want to duplicate.

  3. On the dataset details page that opens, choose the drop-down for Edit datasource, and then choose Duplicate.

							Duplicate dataset.
  4. On the Duplicate dataset page that opens, give the duplicated dataset a name, and then choose Duplicate.

    The duplicated dataset details page opens. From this page, you can edit the dataset, set up a refresh schedule, and more.