Duplicating Amazon QuickSight visuals - Amazon QuickSight

Duplicating Amazon QuickSight visuals

You can duplicate a visual to make a new copy of it on the same sheet or on a different sheet.

To duplicate a visual, on the v-shaped on-visual menu, choose Duplicate visual to, then choose the sheet where you want the visual to appear. The display automatically shows you the duplicated visual.

Duplicated visuals keep all the same filters and settings as the source visual. However, if you duplicate a visual onto a different sheet, all of its copied filters apply to the duplicate only. All copied filters are scoped down to apply only to that visual. If you want the filters to apply to more visuals on the new sheet, edit the filter and change the setting.

Parameters and controls apply to all sheets. To make parameter controls work with a visual that you duplicate to a different sheet, add filters on the target sheet and connect them to the parameter. To do this, choose Custom filter as the filter type.