Embedding Amazon QuickSight Dashboards - Amazon QuickSight

Embedding Amazon QuickSight Dashboards

    Applies to: Enterprise Edition 

In general, embedding a dashboard in your webpage or app involves the following steps, explained in greater detail later:

  1. Create your dashboards in Amazon QuickSight and add domains to your allow list. Publish the dashboards that you want to embed into your app. Share each dashboard with the users or groups that you choose. Then add the domain of the web app where you want to embed the dashboard to the list of domains that are approved for embedding. An Amazon QuickSight admin can view or edit the list of approved domains.

  2. In your AWS account, set up permissions for viewers of the embedded dashboard. Verify that your users can be authenticated through IAM, AWS Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory, SAML, or WebIdentity. Create or choose an IAM role that grants permissions to become a reader in Amazon QuickSight and to retrieve the specific embedded dashboard. These permissions can be configured by an AWS administrator.

  3. On your application server, authenticate the user and get the embedded dashboard URL by using one of the AWS SDKs.

  4. On your application page, embed the dashboard. To simplify this process you can use the Amazon QuickSight Embedding SDK, available on NPMJS and GitHub. This customized JavaScript SDK is designed to help you efficiently integrate Amazon QuickSight dashboards into your application pages, set defaults, connect controls, and handle errors.

In the following sections, you can learn more about how to embed QuickSight dashboards.