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Allow listing static domains

You can add static domains to your allow list through the QuickSight console. All domains on your allow list (such as development, staging, and production) must be explicitly allowed, and they must use HTTPS. You can add up to 100 domains to the allow list.

To embed a dashboard to a static domain:

  • Approve the hosting domains and subdomains for embedding.

  • Publish the dashboard.

  • Share the dashboard with users or groups so they can see the embedded version of it.

Use the following procedure to view or edit the list of approved domains.

To view or edit the list of approved domains
  1. Choose the profile icon at top right.

  2. Choose Manage QuickSight. You must be an Amazon QuickSight admin to access this screen.

  3. Choose Domains and Embedding on the left. The domains that you can embed a dashboard in are listed at the bottom of the page.

  4. (Optional) Add a new domain here by entering it in the Domain box. You can also choose Include subdomains to allow embedded dashboards on all subdomains. Choose Add to add the domain.

    You can edit or delete existing domain by choosing the icons next to each domain in the list at the bottom of the page.

Make sure that you use a valid HTTPS URL. The following list shows examples of URLs that are valid for embedded dashboards that use a static domain:


  • https://www.アマゾンドメイン.jp

  • https://www.亚马逊域名.cn:1234



  • http://localhost

The following list shows examples of URLs that are not valid for embedded dashboards:

  • http://example