Extract - Amazon QuickSight


extract returns a specified portion of a date value. Requesting a time-related portion of a date that doesn't contain time information returns 0.


extract(period, date)



The period that you want extracted from the date value. Valid periods are as follows:

  • YYYY: This returns the year portion of the date.

  • Q: This returns the quarter that the date belongs to (1–4).

  • MM: This returns the month portion of the date.

  • DD: This returns the day portion of the date.

  • WD: This returns the day of the week as an integer, with Sunday as 1.

  • HH: This returns the hour portion of the date.

  • MI: This returns the minute portion of the date.

  • SS: This returns the second portion of the date.

  • MS: This returns the millisecond portion of the date.


    Extracting milliseconds is not supported in Presto databases below version 0.216.


A date field or a call to another function that outputs a date.

Return type



The following example extracts the day from a date value.

extract('DD', orderDate)

The following are the given field values.

orderDate ========= 01/01/14 09/13/16

For these field values, the following values are returned.

01 13