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Using Geospatial Charts (Maps)

Use geospatial charts to show differences in data values across a geographical map. The map allows you to zoom in and out. As you zoom in closer, you can see more geographical features. The map retains the chosen zoom level and size.

Each circle represents a geographical location on the map chart. This can be latitude and longitude, or geographical components such as state or city. The size of the circles represents the magnitude of the field in the Size well, in relation to other values in the same field. The color of the circles represents the values in the Color well. The field in the Color well displays in the legend, if you choose to display one.

Here is a sample of a map chart. The latitude, longitude, country, state, and city are identified by a place marker icon, showing that they are a geospatial data type. State and city are inside of a hierarchy named Geo. Data types must be correctly configured in the dataset before geospatial mapping can work. Predefined hierarchies, called geospatial groupings, are optional. They allow Amazon QuickSight to resolve locations on the map, in case of any ambiguities. If the data types are correct, the mapping can work for supported geographies without geospatial groupings.

For more information about setting up geospatial data types and hierarchies, see Adding Geospatial Data.


Geospatial charts in Amazon QuickSight currently aren't supported in some geographies, including India and China. We are working on adding support for more regions.

For now, automatic geocoding works only for US locations. However, you can add latitude and longitude coordinates to your data to make geospatial charts. For help with geospatial issues, see Geospatial Troubleshooting.

To understand the features supported by geospatial maps, use the following table.

Feature Supported? Comments For More Information
Displaying a legend Yes Displays contents of the field in the Color well Customizing a Visual Legend
Changing the title display Yes Customizing a Visual Title
Changing the visual colors Partial You can change the color of the circles on the map, but not for individual values. Changing Colors on Visuals in Amazon QuickSight
Adding drill-downs Yes You can add drill-down levels to the Geospatial and Color field wells. Adding Drill-Downs to Visual Data in Amazon QuickSight