isWorkDay - Amazon QuickSight


isWorkDay evaluates a given date-time value to determine if the value is a workday or not.

isWorkDay assumes a standard 5-day work week starting from Monday and ending on Friday. Saturday and Sunday are assumed to be weekends. The function always calculates its result at the DAY granularity and is exclusive of the given input date.





The date-time value that you want to evaluate. Valid values are as follows:

  • Dataset fields: Any date field from the dataset that you are adding this function to.

  • Date Functions: Any date output from another date function, for example, parseDate.

  • Calculated fields: Any QuickSight calculated field that returns a date value.

  • Parameters: Any QuickSight DateTime parameter.

Return type

Integer (0 or 1)


The following exaple determines whether or not the application_date field is a work day.

Let's assume that there's a field named application_date with the following values:

2022-08-10 2022-08-06 2022-08-07

When you use these fields and add the following calculations, isWorkDay returns the below values:

isWorkDay({application_date}) 1 0 0

The following example filters employees whose employment ends on a work day and determines whether their employment began on work day or a weekend using conditional formatting:

is_start_date_work_day = isWorkDay(employment_start_date) is_end_date_work_day = isWorkDay(employment_end_date)