Managing user access inside Amazon QuickSight - Amazon QuickSight

Managing user access inside Amazon QuickSight

   Intended audience: System administrators and Amazon QuickSight administrators 

QuickSight administrators manage user access in QuickSight. User access management in QuickSight is determined by your QuickSight account identity configuration. For accounts that use IAM Identity Center or Active Directory, groups are assigned to QuickSight roles. Groups can be assigned the Admin, Author, Reader, Admin Pro, Author Pro, or Reader Pro roles. For more informtion about Pro roles in QuickSight see Get started with Generative BI. For more information about integrating your QuickSight account with IAM Identity Center, see Managing access for IAM Identity Center users.

QuickSight accounts that use QuickSight and IAM users create users directly in QuickSight. These users and their roles are managed at the user level. For more details, see Managing access for QuickSight and IAM users.