Mapping Fields - Amazon QuickSight

Mapping Fields

Amazon QuickSight can automatically map fields between datasets in the same analysis. The following tips can help make it easier for Amazon QuickSight to automatically map fields between datasets, for example if you are creating a filter action across datasets:

  • Matching field names – Field names must match exactly, with no differences in case, spacing, or punctuation. You can rename fields that describe the same data, so an automatic mapping is accurate.

  • Matching data types – Fields must have the same data type for automatic mapping. You can change the data types while you are preparing the data. This step also gives you the opportunity to discover whether you need to filter out any data that isn't the correct data type.

  • Using calculated fields – You can use calculated fields to create a matching field, and give it the correct name and data type for automatic mapping.


After an automatic mapping exists, you can rename a field without breaking the field mapping. However, if you change the data type, the mapping is broken.

For more information on field mapping for filter actions across datasets, see Creating, Viewing, and Editing Custom Actions in Amazon QuickSight.