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Joining Fields

You can create joins between data from different data sources, including files or databases. The following tips can help make it easier for you to join data from different files or data sources:

  • Similar field names – It is simpler to join fields when you can see what should match; for example, Order ID and order-id seem as if they should be the same. But if one is a work order, and the other is a purchase order, then the fields are probably different data. If possible, make sure that the files and tables that you want to join have field names making it clear what data they contain.

  • Matching data types – Fields must have the same data type before you can join on them. Make sure the files and tables that you want to join having matching data types in join fields. You can't use a calculated field for a join. Also, you can't join two existing datasets. You create the joined dataset by directly accessing the source data.

For more information on joining data across data sources, see Joining Data.