Amazon QuickSight
User Guide

Modifying Pivot Table Visuals

When you work with a pivot table, you can modify it in a number of ways to customize the visual to your needs. As with all visual types, you can add and remove fields, change the field associated with a visual element, change field aggregation, change date field granularity, and focus on or exclude rows or columns. For more information about how to make these changes to a pivot table, see the topics under Changing the Fields Used by a Visual in Amazon QuickSight.

There are also some ways to modify pivot tables that are exclusive to this visual type, as follows:

  • Change the pivot table format to display by rows or by columns.

  • Expand or collapse clustered rows or columns to show or hide subcategories.

  • Sort the rows in the pivot table by the values in a selected column.

  • Add table calculations (like rank or difference) to cell values.

Use the following topics to learn more about how to make these changes to pivot table visuals.