Amazon QuickSight
User Guide

Using Calculated Fields with Parameters in Amazon QuickSight

You can pass the value of a parameter to a calculated field in an analysis. When you create a calculation, you can choose existing parameters from the list of parameters under Parameter list. You can't create a calculated field that contains a multivalued parameter—those with a multiselect drop-down control.

For the formula, you can use any of the available functions. You can pass the viewer's selection from the parameter control, to the ifElse() function, and then return a metric accordingly, as shown in the following example:

ifelse( ${KPIMetric} = 'Sales',sum({Weighted Revenue}), ${KPIMetric} = 'Forecast',sum({Forecasted Monthly Revenue}), ${KPIMetric} = '# Active', distinct_count(ActiveItem), Null )

The preceding example creates a metric (a decimal) that you can use in a field well. Then, when a user chooses a value from the parameter control, the visual updates to reflect their selection.