Amazon QuickSight
User Guide

Using Calculated Fields with Parameters in Amazon QuickSight

You can pass the value of a parameter to a calculated field in an analysis. When you create a calculation, you can choose existing parameters from the list of parameters under Parameter list.

For the formula, you can use any of the available functions. You can pass the viewer's selection from the parameter control, to the ifElse() function, and then return a metric accordingly, as shown in the following example:

ifelse( ${KPIMetric} = 'Sales',sum({Weighted Revenue}), ${KPIMetric} = 'Forecast',sum({Forecasted Monthly Revenue}), ${KPIMetric} = '# Active', distinct_count(ActiveItem), Null )

The preceding example creates a metric (a decimal) that you can use in a field well. Then, when a user chooses a value from the parameter control, the visual updates to reflect their selection.