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Preparing Data

Datasets store any data preparation you have done on that data, so that you can reuse that prepared data in multiple analyses. Data preparation provides options such as adding calculated fields, applying filters, and changing field names or data types. If you are basing the data source on a SQL database, you can also use data preparation to join tables. Alternatively, you can enter a SQL query if you want to work with data from more than a single table.

If you want to transform the data from a data source before using it in Amazon QuickSight, you can prepare it to suit your needs. You then save this preparation as part of the dataset.

You can prepare a dataset when you create it, or by editing it later. For more information about creating a new dataset and preparing it, see Creating Datasets. For more information about opening an existing dataset for data preparation, see Editing a Dataset.

Use the following topics to learn more about data preparation.