Error codes for failed PDF export jobs - Amazon QuickSight

Error codes for failed PDF export jobs

When you generate PDF reports in Amazon QuickSight, you may encounter instances where your request to generate a PDF report fails. There are many reasons why a failure might occur. QuickSight provides error codes that can help you understand why the error occured and provide guidance to troubleshoot the issue. The following table lists the error codes that QuickSight returns when a PDF export job fails.

Error code Guidance
INVALID_DATAPREP_SYNTAX Check the syntax for your calculated fields, and try again.
POST_AGGREGATED_METRIC_AS_DIMENSION Aggregated metrics/operands can't be used as visual's grouping dimensions. Choose a valid visual's grouping dimensions, and try again.
SPICE_TABLE_NOT_FOUND The dataset has been deleted or is unavailable. Import a valid dataset, and try again.
FIELD_NOT_FOUND A field is no longer available. Update or replace the missing fields in this dataset, and try again.
FIELD_ACCESS_DENIED You don't have access to some fields in this dataset. Request access, and try again.
PERMISSIONS_DATASET_INVALID_COLUMN_VALUE An invalid row level permission column value was found. Check your parent dataset rules, and try again.
COLUMN_NOT_FOUND Replace the missing columns in your filters or parameters, and try again.
INVALID_COLUMN_TYPE Some fields' data types have been changed and can not be automatically updated. Adjust these fields in your dataset, and try again.
PERMISSIONS_DATASET_USER_DENIED You don't have access to this dataset. Request access to this dataset, and try again.
DATA_SOURCE_TIMEOUT Your query has timed out. Reduce the amount of data, or import the data into SPICE, and try again.
MAX_PAGE_EXCEEDED_ERROR Your file is ready but content is not complete. PDFs have a 1,000 page limit. Choose a shorter PDF, and try again.
INSUFFICIENT_BODY_HEIGHT_ERROR Adjust the header and footer to be less than the page height, and try again.
FIRST_PAGE_HEIGHT_TOO_SMALL_ERROR Adjust sections to make room for your tables, and try again.
INTERNAL_ERROR We can't create your PDF right now. Wait a few minutes, and try again.