Providing feedback about Amazon QuickSight Q topics - Amazon QuickSight

Providing feedback about Amazon QuickSight Q topics

 Applies to: Enterprise Edition 

   Intended audience: Amazon QuickSight Dashboard subscribers or viewership 

When you ask a question in the Amazon QuickSight Q bar, you can provide feedback on the answer Q provides. Providing feedback helps topic owners review how the topic is performing and make improvements where possible.

Use the following procedure to provide feedback on a Q answer when you receive it.

To provide feedback on a Q answer

  • Choose the thumbs-up or thumbs-down icon at lower right.

                        Image of the answer feedback options.

For negative feedback, you can leave a comment describing what's wrong with the answer. Your comment is sent to the topic owner, along with your question and the visual you received in response. Leaving a comment helps improve Q, even if you don't receive a response from the topic owner.

To leave a comment with your feedback

  1. Choose Leave a comment, tell us what's wrong.

                        Image of the option to leave a comment.
  2. On the Provide additional feedback page that opens, for What didn't look right?, choose one of the following reasons from the list:

    • Disambiguation didn't provide option I wanted

    • The question was misinterpreted

    • Data was not filtered correctly

    • The answer is irrelevant

    • The question was interpreted correctly, but the answer is wrong

    • The wrong dimension was displayed

    • Graph type was wrong

    • Periodicity was wrong (daily, weekly, etc.)

  3. For To: Topic owner, enter a message describing what didn't look right.

  4. When finished, choose Send.

You can also make suggestions to improve answers. For more information, see Correcting wrong answers provided by Amazon QuickSight Q.