Amazon QuickSight
User Guide

Quick Start: Create an Analysis with a Single Visual Using Sample Data

Use the following procedure to use the Web and Social Media Analytics sample data set to create an analysis containing a line chart visual. This visual shows the count by month of people that have added themselves to the mailing list. If you don't see the Web and Social Media Analytics sample data already in Amazon QuickSight, you can download it from

  1. On the Amazon QuickSight start page, choose New analysis.

  2. On the Your data sets page, choose the Web and Social Media Analytics data set and then choose Create Analysis.

  3. In the Fields list pane, choose Date and then choose Mailing list adds.

    Amazon QuickSight uses AutoGraph to create the visual, selecting the visual type it determines is most compatible with those fields. In this case, it is a line chart that shows mailing list adds by year, which is the date granularity default.

  4. Expand the Field wells pane by choosing the expand icon.

  5. Choose the X axis field well, choose Aggregate, and then choose Month.

    The line chart updates to show mailing list adds by month, rather than by the default of by year.