Selecting fields - Amazon QuickSight

Selecting fields

When you prepare data, you can select one or more fields to perform an action on them, such as excluding them or adding them to a folder.

To select one or more fields in the data preparation pane, click or tap the field or fields in the Fields pane at left. You can then choose the field menu (the three dots) to the right of the field name and choose an action to take. The action is performed on all selected fields.

You can select or deselect all fields at once by choosing either All or None at the top of the Fields pane.

If you edit a dataset and exclude a field that is used in a visual, that visual breaks. You can fix it the next time you open that analysis.

Searching for fields

If you have a long field list in the Fields pane, you can search to locate a specific field by entering a search term for Search fields. Any field whose name contains the search term is shown.

Search is case-insensitive and wildcards are not supported. Choose the cancel icon (X) to the right of the search box to return to viewing all fields.