Selecting Fields - Amazon QuickSight

Selecting Fields

When you prepare data, only the fields you select on the data preparation page are available for subsequent use in a visual. By default, all of the fields in the table or file you are preparing are selected. You can toggle a field by either selecting or deselecting its check box in the Fields pane.

You can also toggle a field by hovering over the field menu, which appears next to each field on hover. Then choose either Exclude field or Include field. The same menu contains additional actions, such as Rename field, Add calculation, and Change data type.

You can select or deselect all fields at once by choosing either All or None at the top of the Fields pane.

If you edit a dataset and exclude a field that is used in a visual, that visual breaks. You can fix it the next time you open that analysis.

Searching for Fields

If you have a long field list in the Fields pane, you can search to locate a specific field by typing a search term for Search fields. Any field whose name contains the search term is shown.

Search is case-insensitive and wildcards are not supported. Choose the cancel icon (X) to the right of the search box to return to viewing all fields.