Setting a Field as a Dimension or Measure - Amazon QuickSight

Setting a Field as a Dimension or Measure

In the Field list pane, dimension fields have blue icons and measure fields have green icons. Dimensions are text or date fields that can be items, like products, or attributes that are related to measures. You can use dimensions to partition these items or attributes, like sales date for sales figures. Measures are numeric values that you use for measurement, comparison, and aggregation.

In some cases, Amazon QuickSight interprets a field as a measure that you want to use it as a dimension (or the other way around). If so, you can change the setting for that field.

Changing a field's measure or dimension setting changes it for all visuals in the analysis that use that data set. However, it doesn't change it in the data set itself.

Change a Field's Dimension or Measure Setting

  1. In the Field list pane, hover over the field that you want to change.

  2. Choose the selector icon to the right of the field name, and then choose Convert to dimension or Convert to measure as appropriate.