Set up Amazon QuickSight for an existing AWS user - Amazon QuickSight

Set up Amazon QuickSight for an existing AWS user

This section covers how to setup a free Amazon QuickSight account, when you already have an existing AWS account. Amazon QuickSight offers a 60 day free trial for 4 users.

If one of the following applies, visit the corresponding site for more information:

The following process helps an individual user to start up a free Amazon QuickSight Standard account. If you want to use Enterprise edition, or if you are an administrator trying to configure Amazon QuickSight for your company, see Subscribe to Amazon QuickSight instead.

Before you begin, you must be able connect to an existing AWS account. If your company already has an AWS account, contact your AWS account administrator for assistance.

To subscribe to Amazon QuickSight

  1. Sign in to your AWS account and open Amazon QuickSight from the AWS Management Console. It is located under Analytics, and you can find it by searching for "QuickSight".

  2. Your AWS account number is displayed for verification purposes. Choose Sign up for QuickSight.

  3. Choose Standard. To confirm, choose Continue. A screen titled Create your QuickSight account appears.

  4. Make choices for the following items:

    • Type in a unique name for your Amazon QuickSight subscription account. Your account name can only contain characters (A–Z and a–z), digits (0–9), and hyphens (-).

    • Type in a your email address to receive Amazon QuickSight service and usage notifications.

    • (Optional) Choose the AWS region you want to utilize for your default Importing Data into SPICE capacity. This is where your account’s free SPICE capacity is allocated after signing up. Note that you aren't able to change the default capacity region later, but you can always purchase additional SPICE capacity in different regions as needed. See AWS Regions, Websites, IP Address Ranges, and Endpoints for information on regions.

    • (Optional) Choose whether to allow autodiscovery of your AWS resources. You can change these options later in Manage Account. For more information, see Allowing Autodiscovery of AWS Resources.

  5. Review the choices you made, then choose Finish.

After you successfully complete signup, you are ready to explore what you can do with Amazon QuickSight.