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Sorting Visual Data in Amazon QuickSight

Most visual types offer the ability to change data sort order. Whether sorting is supported and what visual element you can sort by depends on the visual type.

For SPICE datasets, the following limitations apply to sorting text (strings). When you exceed the limits, the visual displays a notification at the upper right.

  • Up to two million (2,000,000) unique values

  • Up to 16 columns

Use the following table to identify the field wells or on-visual editors that support sorting for each visual type.

Visual Type Field Well or On-Visual Editor
Bar charts (all Horizontal) Y axis and Value
Bar charts (all Vertical) X axis and Value
Combo charts (all) X axis, Bars, and Lines
Geospatial charts Sorting not supported
Heat map Columns and Values
KPIs Sorting not supported
Line charts (all) X axis and Value for numeric measures only
Pie chart Value and Group/Color
Pivot table Column
Scatter plot Sorting not supported
Tabular Reports Group by and Value
Tree map Size, Group by, and Color

For more information on sorting pivot table data, see Sorting Pivot Tables.

Sorting a Visual

For most visual types, you can use either a field well or an on-visual editor to choose the sort order. Pivot tables behave differently; you specify the sort order by using the column sort icon on the visual. For more information about sorting pivot tables, see Sorting Pivot Tables.

Use the procedures below to sort any non-pivot table visual type by using either a field well or an on-visual editor.

Quick Sorting on a Visual Axis

To quickly sort dimensions and measures on bar, stacked, combo charts, choose the sort icon that appears near the field name on either axis. This shortcut to sorting is available for any data type in direct queries. In SPICE, it is available only for datetime, numeric, and decimal data types.

Or, choose the field name and then choose the sort option from the menu. If the label doesn't display on the axis, check the visual format to see if each axis is set to display labels. The display labels are automatically hidden on smaller visuals. You might need to make the visual large enough to display labels.

Sorting by Using an On-Visual Editor

  1. On the visual, choose an on-visual editor that supports sorting.

  2. On the on-visual editor menu, choose Sort, and then choose the ascending or descending sort order icon.

Sorting by Using a Field Well

  1. Click anywhere on the Field wells to expand them.

  2. Choose a field well that supports sorting.

  3. On the field well menu, choose Sort, and then choose the ascending or descending sort order icon.