Viewing Filters - Amazon QuickSight

Viewing Filters

To see the existing filters, choose Filter on the element settings menu, then choose to view filters. The filters display in the Applied filters panel in order of creation, with the oldest filter on top.

Understanding Filter Icons

Filters in the Applied filters panel display icons to indicate how they are scoped and whether they are enabled.

A filter that isn't enabled is grayed out, and you can't select its check box.

One of several scope icons displays to the right of the filter name to indicate the scope set on that filter. The scope icon resembled four boxes in a square. If all boxes are filled, the filter applies to all visuals on the analysis sheet. If only one box is filled, the filter applies to the selected visual only. If some boxes are filled, the filter applies to some of the visuals on the sheet, including the one currently selected.

The scope icons match the ones that display on the filter menu when you are choosing the scope for the filter.

Viewing Filter Details

To see filter details, choose Filter at left. The filter view retains your last selection. So when you open Filter, you see either the Applied filters or the Edit filter view.

In the Applied filters view, you can choose any filter to view its details. The filters in this list can change depending on the scope of the filter, and which visual you currently have selected.

You can close the Edit filter view by choosing the selector on the right. Doing this resets the Filter view.