Total aggregation computation - Amazon QuickSight

Total aggregation computation

The total aggregation computation creates a grand total of the value. For example, you can create a computation to find the total revenue.

To use this function, you need at least one dimension in the Time field well and at least one measure in the Values field well.



A unique descriptive name that you assign or change. A name is assigned if you don't create your own. You can edit this later.


The aggregated measure that the computation is based on.

Computation outputs

Each function generates a set of output parameters. You can add these outputs to the autonarrative to customize what it displays. You can also add your own custom text.

To locate the output parameters, open the Computations tab on the right, and locate the computation that you want to use. The names of the computations come from the name you provide when you create the insight. Choose the output parameter by clicking on it only once. If you click twice, you add the same output twice. Items displayed in bold can be used in the narrative.

  • categoryField – The category field.

    • name – The display name of the category field.

  • metricField – From the Values field well.

    • name – The formatted display name of the field.

    • aggregationFunction – The aggregation used for the metric (SUM, AVG, and so on).

  • totalAggregate – The total value of the metric aggregation.

    • value – The raw value.

    • formattedValue – The value formatted by the metric field.

    • formattedAbsoluteValue – The absolute value formatted by the metric field.