My Visual Can’t Find the Query Table - Amazon QuickSight

My Visual Can’t Find the Query Table

The visuals in my analysis aren't working as expected. The error message says “Amazon QuickSight can’t find the query table.”

The most common cause of this error is that your data source schema changed. For example, it’s possible a table name changed from x_table to y_table.

Depending on how the dataset access the data source, choose one of the following:

  • If the dataset is based on custom SQL:

    • Edit the dataset.

    • Edit the SQL statement.

      For example, if the table name changed from “x_table” to “y_table”, you can update the FROM clause in the SQL statement to refer to the new table instead.

    • Choose Save & visualize.

    • Click each visual and re-add the fields as needed.

  • If the dataset is not based on custom SQL:

    • Create a new dataset using the new table, “y_table” for example.

    • Open your analysis.

    • Replace the original dataset with the newly created dataset. If there are no column changes, all the visuals should work after you replace the dataset. For more information, see Replacing Data Sets.