My Rows Were Skipped During Data Preparation - Amazon QuickSight

My Rows Were Skipped During Data Preparation

When you prepare data, Amazon QuickSight previews a portion of your data for you to work with. If it can't interpret a row for any reason, it skips this row. Then it displays a message to say how many rows are skipped.

Here is a list of things to check:

  • Inconsistency between the field data type and the field data, for example text data in a field with a numeric data type.

  • Having a file that contains a header but having the Contains header upload setting deselected.

  • Having the data source data violate one or more Data Source Limits.

  • Field data that is incompatible with or excluded by the function used in a calculated field. For example, if you have a calculated field that uses parseDate, rows with data that doesn't evaluate to a valid date are skipped.