Amazon QuickSight
User Guide

Troubleshooting Amazon QuickSight

Use this information to help you diagnose and fix common issues that you can encounter when using Amazon QuickSight.

Need more help? You can visit the Amazon QuickSight User Community or the AWS forums. See also the Amazon QuickSight Resource Library.

How do I delete my Amazon QuickSight account?

If you need to delete your Amazon QuickSight account, even when you can't access Amazon QuickSight to unsubscribe, login to AWS and use the following link to open the unsubscribe screen: This works no matter what AWS Regions you use. It will delete all data, analyses, Amazon QuickSight users, and Amazon QuickSight administrators. If you have further difficulty, contact support.

Why won't my map charts show locations?

For automatic mapping, called geocoding, to work on map charts, your data must be prepared following specific rules. For help with geospatial issues, see Geospatial Troubleshooting. For help with preparing data for geospatial charts, see Adding Geospatial Data.