Updating files in a dataset - Amazon QuickSight

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Updating files in a dataset

To get the latest version of files, you can update files in your dataset. You can update these types of files:

  • Comma-delimited (CSV) and tab-delimited (TSV) text files

  • Extended and common log format files (ELF and CLF)

  • Flat or semistructured data files (JSON)

  • Microsoft Excel (XLSX) files

Before updating a file, make sure that the new file has the same fields in the same order as the original file currently in the dataset. If there are field (column) discrepancies between the two files, an error occurs and you need to fix the discrepancies before attempting to update again. You can do this by editing the new file to match the original. Note that if you want to add new fields, you can append them after the original fields in the file. For example, in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, you can append new fields to the right of the original fields.

To update a file in a dataset
  1. In QuickSight, choose Datasets at left.

  2. On the Datasets page, choose the dataset that you want to update, and then choose Edit dataset.

  3. On the data preparation page that opens, choose the drop-down list for the file that you want to update, and then choose Update file.

							This is an image of the drop-down menu on a file in the data preparation page.
  4. On the Update file page that opens, choose Upload file, and then navigate to a file.

    QuickSight scans the file.

  5. If the file is a Microsoft Excel file, choose the sheet that you want on the Choose your sheet page that opens, and then choose Select.

  6. Choose Confirm file update on the following page. A preview of some of the sheet columns is shown for your reference.

    A message that the file updated successfully appears at top right and the table preview updates to show the new file data.