Using the Amazon QuickSight start page - Amazon QuickSight

Using the Amazon QuickSight start page

To see available dashboards, choose Dashboards at left. Choose any dashboard on the page to open it.

To see available analyses, choose Analyses at left. This is the default page when Amazon QuickSight opens. Choose any analysis to open it.

To see your list of favorite dashboards and analyses, choose Favorites. You can add items to your favorites by selecting the star near the title of the dashboard or analysis, so that the star is filled in. Clear the star to remove the item from your favorites.

To create a new analysis, choose New analysis, near the top left. This takes you to Datasets. Choose one to start analyzing it.

To see current datasets, or to create a new dataset, choose Datasets. This takes you to the Datasets page, which displays the datasets that you have access to. (If they don't all fit on one page, you can navigate between pages.) From here, you can choose a dataset to analyze.

To create a new dataset, choose New dataset. From here, you can upload a file, or you can create a new dataset based on a data source (a connection to external data). Icons for new data sources are at the top of the screen under From new data sources. Icons for existing data sources are displayed below them, under From existing data sources.

Searching Amazon QuickSight

From the search bar, you can search for analyses and dashboards. To use the search tool, go to the Start Page and choose the search box at the top-left of the page. Then enter the name, or part of the name, of the data set, analyses, or dashboard you want to find. The search is not case-sensitive.

After you locate the item that you're looking for, you can open it directly from the search results. You can modify a data set, create an analysis from a data set, or access an analysis or dashboard. Choose an item from the search results to open it.