Modular and Scalable Amazon EKS Architecture
Amazon EKS Quick Start

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Optional add-ons

This Quick Start contains optional configurations and add-ins for Kubernetes that enhance the functionality and reduce the post-deployment configuration tasks for customers who require these add-ins.

Cluster autoscaler

Cluster autoscaler automatically adjusts the size of the Kubernetes cluster when there are insufficient resources or nodes that have been underutilized for an extended period of time.

EFS StorageClass

An optional EFSStorageClass volume provides redundant persistent storage that is not tied to an individual Availability Zone and is well suited for highly available stateful applications that are required to survive an Availability Zone outage. The Amazon EFS volume is made available to Kubernetes pods by the EFS provisioner project.

There are several configuration options available to tune the performance and throughput of the underlying EFS volume. For details, see the Amazon EFS documentation.