CI/CD Pipeline for AWS CloudFormation Templates on AWS Using TaskCat
CI/CD with TaskCat Quick Start

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Step 2. Set Up Your GitHub Token and Collect Your Information

  1. Log in to your GitHub account.

  2. Follow the steps in the GitHub documentation to create a new (OAuth 2) token with the following scopes (permissions): admin:repo_hook and repo. If you already have a token with these permissions, you can use that. You can find a list of all your personal access tokens in

  3. Make a note of the following information:

    • GitHub token name.

    • GitHub repository name – This repository should have the folder structure and files described earlier in the Prerequisites section.

    • Source branch name – This is the branch that CodePipeline should monitor for any changes.

    • Release branch name – This is the branch that the source branch will be merged into after a successful test.

      You will be prompted for this information when you launch the Quick Start.