Cloudera EDH on AWS
Cloudera EDH Quick Start

Accessing the Cluster with Cloudera Manager

Once the EDH cluster has been launched, you can connect to Cloudera Manager to access the cluster and add any services or maintenance operations. You can connect to Cloudera Manager from a local host by forwarding the local port to the remote IP/port where Cloudera Manager is running. You can find the private IP address of the instance running Cloudera Manager by viewing information about it in Cloudera Director. Figure 14 shows an example.

                Using instance tags

Figure 14: Finding the private IP address of the instance

In Figure 14, Cloudera Manager is running on the instance with private IP on port 7180. We can forward localhost:7180 to Cloudera Manager using the public IP of the cluster launcher instance with the following command:

ssh -i mykeyfile.pem -L 7180: \ ec2-user@cluster-launcher-public-ip

When port forwarding is complete, open the browser on the local host, go to http://localhost:7180 and log in with admin/admin, as shown in Figure 15.

                Connecting to Cloudera

Figure 15: Connecting to Cloudera Manager