Deployment Steps - Standardized Architecture for NIST-based Assurance Frameworks on AWS

Deployment Steps

Follow the step-by-step instructions in this section to sign in to your AWS account, customize the Quick Start templates, and deploy the software into your account.

What We'll Cover

The procedure for deploying the Quick Start architecture on AWS consists of the following steps, which we'll cover in detail in the following sections.

  • Step 1. Sign in to your AWS account

    • Sign in to your AWS account, and make sure that it’s configured correctly.

  • Step 2. Launch the stacks

    • Launch the main AWS CloudFormation template into your AWS account.

    • Enter values for required parameters.

    • Review the other template parameters, and customize their values if necessary.

  • Step 3. Test your deployment

    • Use the URL provided in the Outputs tab for the main stack to test the deployment.

    • Use the IP address for the bastion host provided by the Outputs tab for the main stack, and use your private key if you would like to connect to that host through SSH.