Step 1. Sign in to Your AWS Account - Standardized Architecture for NIST-based Assurance Frameworks on AWS

Step 1. Sign in to Your AWS Account

  1. Sign in to your AWS account at with an IAM user role that has the appropriate privileges (see IAM Permissions earlier in this document).

  2. Make sure that your AWS account is configured correctly. See the Technical Requirements and Pre-Deployment Steps sections for information. Note that if you plan to use an AWS Region with the AWS Config optional capability, you must first set up the AWS Config service manually by following the instructions in the previous section.

  3. Use the region selector in the navigation bar to choose the AWS Region where you want to deploy the Quick Start architecture on AWS.

    Amazon EC2 locations are composed of Regions and Availability Zones. Regions are dispersed and located in separate geographic areas. This Quick Start uses the m3.large instance type for the WordPress and Nginx portion of the deployment. m3.large instances are currently available in all AWS Regions except China (Beijing). The AWS Config rules service is currently available only in the regions listed in AWS Regions and Endpoints.

                        Choosing an AWS Region

    Figure 10: Choosing an AWS Region


    Consider choosing a region closest to your data center or corporate network to reduce network latency between systems running on AWS and the systems and users on your corporate network. If you plan to use the optional AWS Config rules capability, you must choose one of the regions listed in AWS Regions and Endpoints.

  4. Select the key pair that you created earlier. In the navigation pane of the Amazon EC2 console, choose Key Pairs, and then choose the key pair from the list.