Step 3. Test Your Deployment - Standardized Architecture for NIST-based Assurance Frameworks on AWS

Step 3. Test Your Deployment

To test your deployment, choose the link for LandingPageURL, as shown in Figure 13. This URL is available from the Outputs tab for the main stack:

                Opening the landing page

Figure 13: Opening the landing page

The link should launch a new page in your browser that looks similar to Figure 14.

                Landing page for compliance architecture on AWS

Figure 14: Landing page for compliance architecture on AWS

This deployment builds a working demo of a Multi-AZ WordPress site. To connect to the WordPress site, choose the URL provided for the WordPress application on the landing page shown in Figure 14. This URL is also available from the WebsiteURL link on the Outputs tab for the main stack.


WordPress is provided for testing and proof-of-concept purposes only; it is not intended for production use. You can replace it with another application of your choice.

This URL brings up the page shown in Figure 15. You can install and test the WordPress deployment from here.

                Installing WordPress

Figure 15: Installing WordPress


The WordPress application included in this Quick Start deployment is for demo purposes only. Application-level security, including patching, operating system updates, and addressing application vulnerabilities, is the customer’s responsibility (see the AWS Shared Responsibility Model). For this Quick Start, we recommend that you delete the AWS CloudFormation stacks after your proof-of-concept demo or testing is complete.

Now that you’ve deployed and tested the NIST architecture on AWS, please take a few minutes to complete our survey for this Quick Start. Your response is anonymous and will help us improve these reference deployments.