Integrating with AWS Service Catalog - Standardised Architecture for UK-OFFICIAL on AWS

Integrating with AWS Service Catalog

You can add the AWS CloudFormation templates for this Quick Start to AWS Service Catalog as portfolios or products to manage them from a central location. This helps support consistent governance, security, and compliance requirements. It also enables users to quickly deploy only the approved IT services they need.

For complete information about using AWS Service Catalog, see the AWS documentation. The following table provides links for specific tasks.

To See
Create a new portfolio Creating and Deleting Portfolios
Create a new product Adding and Removing Products
Give users access Granting Access to Users
Assign IAM roles for deploying stacks Applying Launch Constraints

Make sure that the IAM role has a policy and trust relationship defined.

Assign tags to portfolios to track resource ownership, access, and cost allocations Tagging Portfolios
Perform other administrative tasks AWS Service Catalog Administrator Guide
Launch products from AWS Service Catalog AWS Service Catalog User Guide