Troubleshooting - Standardised Architecture for UK-OFFICIAL on AWS


If you encounter a CREATE_FAILED error when you deploy the Quick Start, refer to the following table for known issues and solutions.

Error message Possible cause What to do
The following resource(s) failed to create: [rConfigRuleForRequiredTags, rConfigRuleForUnrestrictedPorts, rConfigRuleForSSH, rConfigRulesLambdaRole] The Support Config parameter was set to Yes, but AWS Config isn’t available in the region you selected, or AWS Config has not been initialised. Set the Support Config parameter to No, or select another region. Also make sure that AWS Config is set up properly, as described in the pre-deployment steps.
Maximum VPCs limit reached You’ve exceeded the number of VPCs allowed in your account. Delete VPCs and/or request a limit increase. Try to create the stack again. For more information, see technical requirements.
Maximum EIPs limit reached You’ve exceeded the limit of Elastic IP addresses in your account. Disassociate Elastic IPs or request a EIP limit increase, and try to create the stack again. For more information, see technical requirements.
Other limits exceeded You’ve exceeded the use of resources in your AWS account. See technical requirements, and request service limit increases as necessary.

If the problem you encounter isn’t covered in the previous table, we recommend that you relaunch the template with Rollback on failure set to No (this setting is under Advanced in the AWS CloudFormation console, Options page) and open a support case in the AWS Support Center for further troubleshooting. When rollback is disabled, the stack’s state will be retained and the instance will be left running, so the support team can help troubleshoot the issue.


When you set Rollback on failure to No, you'll continue to incur AWS charges for this stack. Please make sure to delete the stack when you've finished troubleshooting.