Microsoft Servers on AWS
Microsoft Servers Quick Start

Step 3. Post-Deployment Tasks

After the Quick Start deployment is complete, you can test the Microsoft productivity servers on AWS and create users and content:

  1. Add users to Active Directory. Use Active Directory Users and Computers or PowerShell to create users with domain user permissions in Active Directory. We recommend that you include most of the standard fields, such as first name, last name, user principal name, and email.

  2. Enable those users for Exchange in Exchange Administration Center, by following the instructions in the Microsoft documentation for Exchange Server. See the Quick Start deployment guide for Exchange Server for some useful post-configuration links.

  3. Enable those users for Lync in Lync Server Control Panel or PowerShell. For instructions, see step 3 in the Quick Start deployment guide for Lync Server.

  4. Test for high availability and automatic failover of your SharePoint servers by following the steps in the Quick Start deployment guide for SharePoint, and then set up one or two enterprise templates in SharePoint. For instructions, see the Microsoft documentation for SharePoint Server.